Jul 282013

the upcoming Jupiter season will be a good one for my location. Culmination heights >60° sound very promising. Building our house and moving in required a lot of time and energy but I’ll be up and imaging again later this year. Here the ephemeris for my location.

Clear skies!

Mar 052010


a short page update – I added an ephemeris chart for venus 2010:

Click for full version

Nothing too spectacular, next max. eastern elongation with good imaging opportunities will happen in august.

Cheers, oliver

Feb 232010

quick update: I added a mercury 2010 chart to the ephemerides. Quite a lot opportunities to image mercury at max. elongation during daylight – I’m looking forward to the messenger of the gods.

Click for details

Cheers, Oliver

Jan 022010

Finally some time to update the Events & Ephemeris section

Jan 012010

Mercury ephemeris 2010 for my location have been added…

Cheers, Oliver