Nov 222011


last night promised to be been clear, I decided to give Jupiter another imaging run and put the C11 outside in the evening with the two fans on full throttle. Seeing looked a bit disappointing during collimation since diffraction rings smeared across a fairly large area but I guess I have to learn that the Pickering-scale has been defined using a 5″ telescope and the mileage varies using 11″ aperture – things can look worse than they are.
After connecting the Basler Ace to the laptop I did not get any connection, swapping cables and switching the user did not help. I got a bit nervous and rebooted the machine – voila!
The camera image was quite stable even through the green filter using a 2x barlow and I perfomed several G-R-B-IR runs. Around 22:30 Io started to transit Jupiter’s disk. Io’s brightness in IR was quite evident. Unfortunately the seeing went worse during the transit and I decided to end the session, probably partly induced by Jupiter standing over my roof now. Ok, the harddrive was full anyway and my hands¬† started to feel cold…

Here a quick and dirty red channel result of a randomly picked AVI, the real processing is to begin soon…

Cheers, Oliver