Oct 072011

Hi all,

I finally managed to image again after a very long dryspell – slowly recovering my imaging skills. I really enjoyed collecting photons of our star although setting up the gear after more than a year was quite challenging: What’s the password of my imaging laptop? Where’s the cabling for the power supply? Can I get into focus with the micro-focuser that I never used before? I have been rewarded with a quite active solar surface. Great to see that the boring years are over for a while.
Processing the results has been another challenge: Registax6 and AVIStack2 showed up in the meantime since I processed something for the last time. I’m still toying around and evaluate the new versions looking for my personal best solution, here some first results processed with Registax6:

AR11302 shows some impressive spots:
Click image for a larger view

AR11298 just rotatating out of view, my first try in CaK with the Baader K-Line filter:
Click image for a larger view

Here the imaging rig. My significant other called it ‘equipment overkill’. I strongly disagree :D

Some more images to follow…

Cheers, oliver