May 052010


here’s another lunar image from April 23rd: Pitatus – one out of the ‘problematic’ footage. After fiddling with AS and Registax without much success I finally placed a number of alignment points in Registax5.1 manually, processed the AVI twice with different alignment regions and combined the best areas of both runs in PS. This footage seems to fool the automatic AP evaluation in AS and Registax.

Click image for full version with details

The results is not too shabby, resolution is on par with my Pitatus captured 2008 with the C9.

Pitatus is a fascinating crater with it’s lava flooded floor featuring many rills, cracks and craterlets that are a good indicator for the resolution achieved. At least as fascinating is Hesiodus A, the CC (concentric crater) at the bottom left of the image. The reason for the concentric ring formation of CCs is unknown today, it’s safe to assume they are not formed by any kind of double impact.

Cheers, Oliver

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