Mar 102010

after the long long dryspell a number of clear nights finally allowed imaging the beloved planets :) This time I managed to grab a number of AVIs of Saturn using the colour filters before clouds rolled in (again). Unfortunately seeing was much worse than on march 4th but I don’t complain.

Click for full version

The RG-RGB version shown her features 70%R/30%G as luminance, oddly enough the differences to the plain RGB version are marginal. I tried to use an orange filter to shoot a luminance-channel with shorter integration times but the seeing distorted the image observably more than using the narrowband R filter. The advantage of 1/30s vs. 1/23s didn’t pay off, the orange results are worse than R results indicating the quality of seeing …
The north polar regions shows an interesting blue-grey-turquoise tint, it should be interesting to watch as the planet tilts  further.

Cheers, Oliver