Mar 252010

Tuesday seemed to be a good opportunity to image the moon: Skies have been clear with some haze, usually a sign of pretty good seeing. I set the C11 up on the terrace, collimated and fired up the camera and have been able to shoot exactly 2 AVIs until the already quite bad transparency dropped to nowhere due to high altitude haze and mist and the quite good seeing went accordingly.
I processed the first AVI of Rima Hyginus shot in a hurry and am surprised how good the outcome still is considering the circumstances. The second AVI of Triesnecker and it’s surrounding rilles is already too bad. I tried some more shots of high contrast features along the terminator but gave up soon. I’m confident that the imaging setup is capable of producing excellent results in better conditions.
The image is reduced to 90% of the capture site to accommodate for the seeing conditions:

Cheers, Oliver

Mar 182010

the Captifier development went pretty well the last days, a nice setup dialog is done, functionality growing towards a first usable version and…
… my develpment machine died today :( The graphics section of the laptop is dead, looks like a total write-off. I’m currently backing up all data, development is stalled until I have a replacement machine up and running. Needless to say how I hate that so please excuse my french… Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans… ;)

Cheers, Oliver

Mar 102010

after the long long dryspell a number of clear nights finally allowed imaging the beloved planets :) This time I managed to grab a number of AVIs of Saturn using the colour filters before clouds rolled in (again). Unfortunately seeing was much worse than on march 4th but I don’t complain.

Click for full version

The RG-RGB version shown her features 70%R/30%G as luminance, oddly enough the differences to the plain RGB version are marginal. I tried to use an orange filter to shoot a luminance-channel with shorter integration times but the seeing distorted the image observably more than using the narrowband R filter. The advantage of 1/30s vs. 1/23s didn’t pay off, the orange results are worse than R results indicating the quality of seeing …
The north polar regions shows an interesting blue-grey-turquoise tint, it should be interesting to watch as the planet tilts  further.

Cheers, Oliver

Mar 082010

hooray, my first Saturn image of the coming season :) Finally  some clear skies again with reasonable seeing on march 4th. I was out to image Mars in the first place (results still to be processed…) but slewed over to the rising Saturn at the end of the very cold season. Seeing has been surprisingly good for Saturn at only 30° altitude. Unfortunately clouds rolled in (again…) and I could capture only one single red filtered AVI before the lord of the rings became way too dim to image.

Click for framed version with detailed information

The result is not too shabby regarding the low altitude and the capture circumstances.
I’m currently trying alternative sharpening functions beside the good old Registax wavelets and obtained best results here using the iterative gauss sharpening from Fitswork.
Ok, Saturn season has started and I’m looking forward to less frosty imaging sessions that might yield in some coloured images ;)

Cheers, Oliver

Mar 052010


a short page update – I added an ephemeris chart for venus 2010:

Click for full version

Nothing too spectacular, next max. eastern elongation with good imaging opportunities will happen in august.

Cheers, oliver

Mar 022010

Captifier is getting closer to something roughly usable, slow but steady ;)
Some bugs that sneaked into the concept after restructuring the thread-concept have been fixed, the histogram is working, the magnifier is working…
Here another sneak screenshot, please disregard the temporary buttons…

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