Jan 122010

Hi there,

over the years I used several programs to capture my planetary, lunar and solar images at the telescope. None of them met my wishes & requirements completely. With the arrival of two new Point Grey Research cameras without software I decided to develop my own capture tool: Captifier.
Some current specs:

  • IEEE1393 aka firewire support via CMU1394 library, software architecture is implemented open to other camera-interface for future support of e.g. USB cameras
  • Windows based, should support XP/Vista/7
  • Multithreaded buffering approach for seamless captures without dropped frames even on machines with low processing power, in the end the harddrive and bus speeds are the limits
  • 16 Bit in-/output support
  • Hardware ROI/Format 7 support and software cropping
  • GTK+/Glade GUI (I hate MFC programming…)
  • Freeware but not open source (for now…)
  • Functionalities helpfull for planetary imaging according to my wish list :)

Basic core functionality is working quite well, a version capable of first field testing should be available soon. I will post updates here and on the subsite http://captifier.astro-imaging.de/

Captifier preview

Clear skies!